Project Description

CourtOn is a mobile application created by students at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. The objective of the app is to create a platform for badminton players to host a game with a self-created group or to join other organizer’s groups at any of the badminton centres in Vancouver’s Lower-mainland.

Idea Solution

CourtOn focuses on managing and creating groups that users can be called “organizers” to host badminton games with other players. The organizer can choose a badminton centre, date, hours and which badminton court. The organizer would need to contact the badminton centre to know which courts are available that day. There will be no centre managers involved, so it will not connect the information to the centre’s database. The main focus is on groups, bringing the badminton community closer, having a sense of belonging and building relationships through communication in the app. The group(s) you create is a great way to play with your own friends or new friends. As a user, you can also join groups by other organizers and become a member of the group. By becoming a member of the group you joined, you can view the group’s information, comment or leave the group. All your activity can be viewed through your personal profile page.

Project Details




Project Date:

December 6, 2019